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BBHSF 2021 Report to the Community:


Supporting a legacy of fine education…

IMPACT: To have a strong effect on something. 

Our mission: “Supporting a Legacy of Fine Education.”

Our goal: IMPACT the lives of students and teachers in our school district. 


“Despite the difficulties we faced as a community this past year, the Schools Foundation was able to exceed our goals and make a huge impact for the students at BBHCSD. But we couldn’t have done it without the tremendous support we received from our school district partners, our families, and our greater community. It was truly inspiring to see how everyone came together to help us in our mission, and our organization is energized to continue this momentum in the coming year.”

– Janelle Henning, BBHSF President

We’d like to share with you our IMPACT over the past year, and how you can help us IMPACT the lives of students and teachers in our district this coming year! 

IMPACT 2020-2021:
Over $63 thousand dollars enriched the lives of BBHCSD students through classroom grants, scholarships, and mental health initiatives PLUS partnering on the creation of special needs classrooms in multiple district buildings.  


BEE Invested in Fine Education
Virtual Telethon 2021 


On March 11, 2021, the Schools Foundation proudly presented to the community our first Virtual Telethon. We enjoyed fabulous student performances, heard testimonials from BBHCSD teachers who have received classroom enrichment grants, learned more about our community partners, and recognized the business sponsors who help us reach our goals. The telethon shows how lucky we are to BEE one community in times of need. 


IMPACT: Almost $17,500 towards classroom enrichment grants for 2021, surpassing our goal by over $5,000.

Thank you to our Sponsors! 


Brecksville Kids Dentistry, Gateway Title, DiGeronimo Companies 


Multi-Track Productions, Town Planner, Wentz Financial Group/Luke and Christina Vincer, Toth Painting Solutions, Roger M. Bundy Attorney at Law, Merrill Lynch- The Shultz Group, Tuscany Distributers 

Brecksville Kids Dentistry Logo.jpg

“The businesses in a community are the support systems for the schools. The schools are a support system for the community. It takes the entire town working together to support each other. If businesses want to succeed, they need a community with a strong school system where families want to live and play. It is an honor to see firsthand all that the Foundation does for the schools.” 

– Jen Hechko DDS MS, Brecksville Kids Dentistry owner and BBHCSD parent

“I loved being part of the telethon!  It was a well needed rally for our community during a strange time.  I was honored and happy to support the foundation as a member of the Brecksville Chamber of Commerce and as a parent in the community!” 

– Kristopher Toth, owner Toth Painting Solutions, Brecksville Chamber of Commerce president, and BBHCSD parent 


“As a Brecksville Business owner for 28 years, I have had the pleasure of talking with many BBHHS graduates as they return to the area so that their children can experience the wonderful education and benefits of the Enrichment Grants that have been awarded . . . I love hearing the reasons alumni are coming back. The wonderful school system is always a big factor.” 

– Rachel Torchia, President Gateway Title Agency and member of multi-generational BBHCSD family 

Classroom Enrichment
Grants 2021

IMPACT: 9 classroom enrichment grants totaling over $31,000. We congratulated the grant winners during the District convocation on August 16th. Check out how these innovative teachers will IMPACT our students.

grant eval3.jpg

“This activity made science relevant and come alive.  It showed why water quality is important to us all.  We cannot live without water. Our way of life revolves around water and this activity gave students the opportunity to explore the quality of local water resources in a hands-on manner. Likewise, an appreciation for accessibility to fresh water sources globally, and basic life necessities will stay with students, and empower them to act for the benefit of others." 

– Jen Collins, Lisa Felder, 
Dena Wilson, BBHMS


“The skills that group members learned by participating in the ROX program are lifelong skills that will benefit them for years to come.  Knowing how to successfully navigate conflicts with peers is something that every child needs to learn and the ROX program offers students many opportunities to learn about and practice ways to be assertive. In addition to the group members who participated directly being impacted, the ROX program also had a positive impact on our school community as a whole.” 

– Kathryn Gastaldo, Hilton Elementary counselor

AR shingletonjpg.jpg

“Students are visually excited by music therapy.  As professionals, we all see behavioral, communication, social skills, adaptive skills, and academic impacts on all students involved.  Parents love the inclusion of music therapy as an experience for our students and staff members love to be a part of this experience, as well.” 

– Corey Shingleton, Special Education teacher

2020 Senior Scholarships

IMPACT: 51 senior scholarships. $32,075 in gifts to graduating Bees to chase their dreams. Many of these gifts honored the memory of loved ones through Named Memorial scholarships.

“I am extremely grateful for financial support from the Zajac Family to pursue my educational goals. I can’t express in words what this means.” 

– Jeremy Jonozzo, Stanley and Catherine Zajac Memorial Scholarship recipient and University of Dayton freshman

***Picture of Jeremy Jonozzo/representatives of the Zajak Family

“The Class of 1972 started an endowed Scholarship Fund about 10 years ago because it wanted to give back and create a lasting legacy.  The criteria for receiving the scholarship is unique: the BBHHS graduating senior must be the most improved academically from freshman year to senior year measured by overall cumulative grade point average. Olivia was deserving of the scholarship from our Class this year.  Her resilience in overcoming personal challenges to not only graduate with a high school diploma and a two-year community college associate’s degree is nothing short of inspiring.” 

– Linda Bluso, Class of 1972 scholarship committee chair

***Picture of Linda Bluso and Olivia Jonovich, recipient of the Class of 1972 Scholarship 

“The most obvious benefit of scholarships is that they make college more affordable. The Schools Foundation scholarships do much more than that for the recipients. Schools Foundation scholarships give students the financial bump needed to take a leap and enroll in a degree. The scholarships also provide a boost to the recipient's morale and confidence in their ability to work towards a better future.” 

– Jaci Owens, BBHHS Counselor

***Picture of BBHSF Memorial Endowment Scholarship Recipients 

Virtual Uphill/Downhill Run 2020 

uphilldownhill21logo shirts.png

The Schools Foundation sponsored a Virtual Uphill/Downhill Run from October 17-24th 2020. We encouraged families to complete their own run/walk, including an uphill portion to represent the challenge of managing mental health struggles.

IMPACT: 102 community members participated, and almost $800 was raised towards mental health programs in the school district. We look forward to being able to return to our live race in June 2022.  


“Mental health issues have affected our family as it has many others, especially during the pandemic. Some people find it difficult to talk about and ask for help so raising awareness is important.  Participating in this uphill downhill run is just one small way we can help raise money and support our BBH students.” 

– Sue Ryan, BBHCSD parent

Enriched Learning Opportunities -

Large Charitable Gift Initiative

BIG IMPACT: Over the past several years, the BBHSF has worked closely with several generous district families to focus the IMPACT of their large gift donations. These families share a passion to enhance the education of our special needs community. In addition to programs focusing on communications and socialization, music therapy, and hands-on learning, new programs for future job readiness and mental health counseling were also initiated. Most exciting to the entire school community is the establishment of special needs classrooms focused on students with autism at the elementary and middle schools. The Schools Foundation looks forward to partnering with these families to expand these programs over the coming years.

Autism unit 3.jpg
Autism unit 2.jpg
Autism unit 1.jpg

Here’s how you can Help the Schools Foundation
make an even bigger IMPACT on the lives
of our BBH students in 2021-22!

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Uphill Downhill Run: June 4th, 2022


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