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Congratulations to the 2024 Scholarship Recipients. 

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Hannah Boulton

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Niah Bratanov

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Katrina Chen

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Blake Cistone

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Maksym Demchenko

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Darius Doss

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Daniel Dralle

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Magdalynn Finlayson

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Abigail Gomos

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Jackson Jones

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Aryann Khan

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Kaitlyn Kuscevic

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Noah Madsen

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Ava Marczak

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Teagan Markovic

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Hana Mazak

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Vassyl Prokopiv

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Mazlyn Ritter

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Andrew Roberts

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Brooke Rutledge

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Carmine Sabella

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Anthony Sarti

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Jonah Siley

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Zachary Snider

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Luka Stanic

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Nicole Trybus

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Nicole Vasylna

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Kaitlyn Whittaker

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Kristina Yakushchenko

BBH SF Scholarship  –  Julian Yetsky

BBH SF - The Timothy Baeslach Memorial Scholarship  –  Quinn Brown

BBH SF - The Faulhaber Family Memorial Scholarship  –  Kiera Farmer

BBH SF - Sara Glosik Memorial Scholarship  –  Jasmijn Plusnin

BBH SF - David J. Keen Memorial Percussion Scholarship  –  Zivan Matic

BBH SF - Daniel Kos Memorial Scholarship  –  Annie Dickhaut

BBH SF - Daniel Kos Memorial Scholarship  –  Cameron Molina

BBH SF - James Roytz Memorial Band Award  –  Noah Madsen

BBH SF - William Moskal Memorial Scholarship  –  Huda Hasan

BBH SF - Toni Rubey Memorial Scholarship  –  Kaelyn Foley

BBH SF - Bret Scanlon Memorial Scholarship  –  Megan Macy

BBH SF - John Smith Memorial Scholarship  –  Logan Miller

BBH SF - Jack Studley Memorial Scholarship  –  David Zambounis

BBH SF - Steve Vargo Memorial Scholarship  –  Justin Habig

BBH SF - Faye White Memorial Scholarship  –  Michael Griesmer

BBH SF - Philip G. Hastings Memorial Scholarship  –  Zoe Parks

BBH SF - Stanley and Catherine Zajac Memorial Scholarship  –  Kyle Keener

BBH SF - Memorial Endowment Scholarship  –  Julia Eterovich

BBH SF - Memorial Endowment Scholarship  –  Madeline Hamilton

BBH SF - Memorial Endowment Scholarship  –  Woojin Jeon

BBH SF - Memorial Endowment Scholarship  –  Aashvi Kenia

BBH SF - The Mills Family Scholarship  –  Labiba Ibnath

BBH SF - Bette and Thomas Calevich Memorial Scholarship  –  Isabella Brashear

BBH SF - Walter F. Wisnieski Memorial Scholarship  –  Lily German

BBH SF - Kimberly Brocklehurst Memorial Scholarship  –  Julia Mertz

BBH SF - Friends of the Brecksville Bicentennial Scholarship  –  Zoe Galicki

BBH SF - Class of 1972 Scholarship  –  Benjamin Burket

BBH SF  - Class of 2001 Scholarship  –  Rebecca Jenkins

BBH SF - The Spann Famly Memorial Scholarship  –  Claire Martens

BBH SF - The Spann Famly Memorial Scholarship  –  Alexander Yeh

BBH SF - John Bernosky Bee Attitude Scholarship  –  Zoey Stadler


BBH SF/Chamber of Commerce Trade School Scholarship  –  Andrew Kubek

BBH SF - Dwight J. and Patricia H. Jordan Trade School Scholarship   –  Austin Dorsey-Steele


The Brecksville-Broadview Heights Schools Foundation offers a perfect opportunity to honor or remember a loved one through its named funds program. 


These funds provide scholarships and awards to students in the district. Some of the awards are provided by the proceeds from the endowed funds and others are made available as a result of the Foundation’s successful fundraising efforts. The recipients are chosen by members of the district’s faculty and staff (not the Foundation). At the high school, all students who complete the Guidance Department’s general scholarship application form are eligible to be considered for Foundation scholarships and awards.

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