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With the help of funds raised at the Beach Ball, the Schools Foundation provides classroom enrichment grants to district teachers to foster creative, innovative teaching. Projects funded in the 2015-2016 school year include:


We Do Legos by Morgan Kolis (Highland). Using Lego robotics sets to engage 2nd & 3rd graders in the world of robotics.

Touching Tech by Corey Shingleton (Highland). Using touch screen technology with desk top computers to reach special needs students.

I Fidget to Learn by Emilia Snitil (Highland). Using wobble chairs to increase focus and attention in special needs students.

iPads for iNtervention by Jennifer Ference, Jennifer Burke and Greg Warth (Hilton). Using iPads to keep special needs students engaged in a group setting.


Multi-Lingual Mystery Readers by Christine Barzis (High School). Combining high school foreign language students and favorite fiction books to present foreign languages to elementary students.


Lulzbot 3D Printer by Ryan Goubeaux (High School). Supporting the High School technology program with a 3D printer that can be used to create a multitude of opportunities to create three dimensional objects, even spare parts for the printer itself.


Bee Creative by Kristen Huston (High School). Support the High School Media Center to transform from just a traditional library to a space for creative learning and modern-day tinkering.


Digital Art Portfolios by Anne Jones (High School). Use iPad technology to enable High School Art students to create 21st century art portfolios.


Robotics by Craig Kowatch (High School). Support the BBHHS Robotics Club with a competition arena to enable it to sponsor multi-school events.


Teens and Dogs by Alyson Robertson (High School). Using our favorite furry friend, Breezy, to assist special needs students in learning and achieving.


Maximizing Musicianship by Jason Wyse (High School). Increasing proficiency and promoting excellence in our music program by leveraging the unique skills of instrument-specific instructors.


Maglev Vehicles by Kelly Kroesen (Middle School). Incorporating maglev technology into the 8th grade curriculum to learn about magnets while competing in exciting maglev vehicle races.


Read to Never Forget by Jennifer Lloyd and Joe Zenir (Middle School). Using literature about the Holocaust to teach students about history and the importance of personal actions.


Gearing Up: Middle School Robotics Club by Vanessa Russell (Middle School). Purchasing the basic materials to start a robotics club at the Middle School that will help interested students learn technology and prepare for a high school level course of study in robotics.


A Rainbow of Reading by Mary Kate Clancy (Chippewa). Using Reading Rainbow materials to improve literacy at the elementary level.


Everybody Chime In by Mary Ferguson (Chippewa. Learning music through choir chimes, an elementary version of handbells.



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