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Congratulations to the 2023 Scholarship Recipients. 

The Faulhaber Family Memorial Scholarship – Jake Banks


Sara Glosik Memorial Scholarship – Esther Sung


David J. Keen Memorial Percussion Scholarship – Colin Johnson


Daniel Kos Memorial Scholarship – Elianna Gamboa


William Moskal Memorial Scholarship – William Chen


Toni Rubey Memorial Scholarship – Leah Spacek


Bret Scanlon Memorial Scholarship – Benjamin Meisenbach


John Smith Memorial Scholarship – Isabelle Czaikowski


Jack Studley Memorial Scholarship – Anthony Defranco


Steve Vargo Memorial Scholarship – Emma Caputo


Faye White Memorial Scholarship – Elyssa Loede


Philip G. Hastings Memorial Scholarship – Cooper Skruck


Stanley and Catherine Zajac Memorial Scholarship – Maddux Dasenbrook


Memorial Endowment Scholarship – Anna Moawad


Memorial Endowment Scholarship – Stephanie Myers


Memorial Endowment Scholarship – Kai Sustersic


Memorial Endowment Scholarship – Andrew Zabkar


The Mills Family Scholarship – Marina Hanna


Bette and Thomas Calevich Memorial Scholarship – Diana Ghanem


Walter F. Wisnieski Memorial Scholarship – Zachary Zywiec


Kimberly Brocklehurst Memorial Scholarship – Samantha Kuscevic


Friends of the Brecksville Bicentennial Scholarship – Isabelle Czajkowski


Class of 1972 Scholarship – Stacy Schniegenberg


Class of 2001 Scholarship – James Patrick


The Spann Family Scholarship – Esther Sung


The Spann Family Scholarship – John Eckert


The BBH Schools Foundation/Brecksville Chamber of Commerce Trade School Scholarship – Casey Lloyd



BBH Schools Foundation Scholarship:


Nathan Arens, Rocco Ardo, Sabrina Battaglia, Greta Bender, Keroles Beshay, Hannah Chrisopulos, Shatha Damra, William Edlind, Nicholas Fishman, Alexander Flis, Chase Garito, Kristen Griffiths, Nicholas Harding, Rowan Hauer, Ryan Joseph, Valerie Munshower, Olivia O’Neil, Evgenia Panagiotou, Christine Rossello, Miranda Roth, Molly Ryan, Anna Shanofski, Ian Spieth, Allison Voita, Jakob Wolfenbarger


The Brecksville-Broadview Heights Schools Foundation offers a perfect opportunity to honor or remember a loved one through its named funds program. 


These funds provide scholarships and awards to students in the district. Some of the awards are provided by the proceeds from the endowed funds and others are made available as a result of the Foundation’s successful fundraising efforts. The recipients are chosen by members of the district’s faculty and staff (not the Foundation). At the high school, all students who complete the Guidance Department’s general scholarship application form are eligible to be considered for Foundation scholarships and awards.

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