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With the help of funds raised at our Telethon and through generous contributions by donors and supporters, the BBH Schools Foundation funds classroom enrichment grants to district teachers to foster creative, innovative teaching. Projects funded (in full or in part) in the 2021-2022 school year include:

Susan Folta, High School
Communication Club Project


Communication Club / Project Support provides students with disabilities opportunities to practice and strengthen their social communication skills during leisure activities while being paired with peer mentors.  Club members have enjoyed a variety of fun group activities such as: bowling, dancing, crafting, hiking and dining out.


Scott Hanna and Tricia Astey-Prunchnicky, Middle School
Lesson Up!

BBHMS Band students will receive regular small-group instruction from local musical professionals focusing on furthering each student’s musical understanding and making up for lost ground due to circumstances of the past two school years.  The goal of these lessons is for students to reach greater levels of achievement at the individual level and, subsequently, for the band program at large.


Morgan Kolis, Elementary
Moving Forward with Glowforge


The BBHCSD is now planning, creating, and opening the BBHES STEAM program!  The goal of this program is to open worlds of exploration and making to the entire elementary student body.  This program will employ the use of reused and recyclable materials, low-tech and no-tech lessons, along with the use of three 3D printers and other current technology.  Now, with the funding of this project, students will be able to engage in an entirely new way through the use of a new Glowforge PRO 3D Laser Printer. Students will now be able to fabricate, create, and etch many different types of materials including wood, fabric, leather, felt, acrylic, cardboard, and paper.


Jenn Lloyd, Middle School
Book Madness

During the first two weeks of March, 8th grade students participate in a Book Madness Tournament.  Each student will select and read a book and then make a persuasive presentation to their classmates on the merits of their chosen book.  The goal for each student is to convince their classmates to read their selected book, thus advancing them in the brackets.   Through the funding of this grant, a variety of young adult books will be purchased that help excite these students for the tournament.


Mike McNamara & Steve McCrodden, Middle School
Reading Like a Historian


The middle school is in the process of implementing Disciplinary Literacy (students reading, writing, thinking critically, speaking as an expert) in all subject areas. This model gives students ownership in their learning.  By implementing class libraries and allowing students access to high quality literature, it encourages students to be self-reliant, emotionally prepared, globally-responsible, and future ready.  The goal of this grant is to promote a love of reading by creating classroom libraries in two U.S. history classes so students can obtain a deeper understanding of the subject. 


Cathleen Schwenn, Elementary
Guided Reading, Guided Learners


This project is to create a learning collaborative bringing grade level teachers and the principal together to learn about, discuss and implement various literacy instructional practices.  Funds from this grant will be applied towards the purchase of Guided Reading: Responsive Teaching Across the Grades and Prompting Guides which will be used throughout the project.


Corey Shingleton, Elementary – Special Education
Out of the Box Task Boxes for Intensive Special Education


The goal of this grant is for students with moderate to intensive special education needs to increase their ability to work independently.   Funds from this grant will be used to procure task boxes, which are designed to support the increase of independent work skills.  Working through task boxes leads to mastery of certain skills and builds on the student’s ability to work without or with limited adult assistance on various tasks.

Corey Shingleton, Blair Wood, Kimberly Taylor, Heather Luckey, Andi Mahoney, Jeff Sidaway – District-Wide, Special Education
Beyond Words: Music Therapy for Special Education


This grant project will provide music therapy throughout the school year for moderate to intensive special education students of all grade levels.  Music therapy is the planned use of music for the purpose of achieving therapeutic gains.  Students participating in this program in the past have experienced growth in behavioral skills, communication skills, social skills, and interpersonal skills; oftentimes rather significant gains have been achieved.


Joshua Thacker
Healthier Heart Rates at Highland Drive, Highland Elementary

Wrist-based wearable heart rate monitors “watches” and assessment technology will be purchased and employed for a pilot class.  Students in the pilot class will be able to see a live feed of their heart rate, steps, calories burned and more!   Software will help students track their own data and see the changes in their heart rate variability over time.  With these "watches" personalized to each student in each class, students will be empowered and motivated in P.E. class like never before. Especially after the pandemic, students need ownership of their health and fitness. This is the answer to aid our students to be more effective and healthier contributors to our community.

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