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Congratulations to the 2015 Scholarship Recipients.

BBH Schools Foundation Scholarships

Erika Boehlefeld-Elizabeth Bucci-Jacob Burnett

Joseph Colosimo-AnaMaria Costantino-Anna Day

Zachary Demetriades-Olivia Hanna-Bryan Istenes-Trevor Knaack

Keiichi Koshino-Matthew Kurrass-Ryan Leddy-Kate LiBassi

Jonathan Linden-Allison Loughner-Andrew Marincic-Amanda Munic

Andreja Nikolic-Aleks Nikolic-Luv Patel-Margaret Reynolds

Mary Schentur-Andrew Szemeczko-Jaylin VanHorn-Kyle Vasulka

Troy Walter-Jessica Washabaugh-Kaitlyn Wondolowski

Mike Zheng

Farnsworth Inspiration Award

Julia Sankovic

Mason Scherer

Memorial Endowment Scholarships

Sofiya Bigun                    

Olivia Bryan

 Mia Burris                      

Carli DeAnna

Linnea Massey Award Winners

Taylor Addison 

Amanda Ahn                   

 Sean Gauntner                  

Ann Jenkins

James Sejba

Alyssa Vandergriff

 Kimberly Brocklehurst Memorial Scholarship 

Danielle D'Anna

Bette and Thomas Calevich Scholarship 

Stephen Farah

Donald A. Faulhaber, Sr. Memorial Fund

Evan Baschko

Sara Glosik Memorial Fund

Katherine Graham

The Philip G. Hastings Memorial Fund 

Nicholas Abraham

David J. Keen Memorial Percussion Scholarship 

David (Eli) Shively

Daniel J. Kos Memorial Fund

Rory Gallagher

Peter Lanzi Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Conrad Paganini

The Mills Family Scholarship

Ashley Budzilo

William D. Moskal Memorial Fund 

John Starinsky

Toni Rubey Memorial Fund

Oluwadara Oshunniyi

Bret Scanlon Memorial Fund

Mitchell Smith

John J. Smith Memorial Fund

Madeline Winegard

Steve Vargo Fund

Patrick Cole

Faye White Memorial Fund

Dan Morell

Walter F. Wisnieski Scholarship Fund

Biagio Giaimo

Catherine Zajac Memorial Scholarship

 Brandon Halupnik

Friends of the Bicentennial Scholarship

Shannon McIntyre

The Poulson Family Scholarship

Monica Fallon

Justin Korfhage

Jack Studley Memorial Scholarship

Evan Baschko

Class of 1972 Scholarship

Logan Galbreath


The Brecksville-Broadview Heights Schools Foundation offers a perfect opportunity to honor or remember a loved one through its named funds program. 


These funds provide scholarships and awards to students in the district. Some of the awards are provided by the proceeds from the endowed funds and others are made available as a result of the Foundation’s successful fundraising efforts. The recipients are chosen by members of the district’s faculty and staff (not the Foundation). At the high school, all students who complete the Guidance Department’s general scholarship application form are eligible to be considered for Foundation scholarships and awards.

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