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With the help of funds raised at our fundraiser and through generous contributions by donors and supporters, the BBH Schools Foundation funds classroom enrichment grants to district teachers to foster creative, innovative teaching. Projects funded (in full or in part) in the 2022-2023 school year include:

Denise Piechowiak, Middle School


Students in grades 6-8 will use a new interactive virtual corkboard to share their reviews, post questions and engage in discussions about a variety of books they are reading in their ELA classes along with their classmates and teachers . Each semester concludes with an Emmy's ceremony featuring the books discussed.


Lauren Spence, High School

"Increase Confidence, Fluency and Cultural Proficiency in the Second Language Classroom"

Students will have the opportunity to have real time discussions via the Time2Talk mobile device app with native Spanish speakers all over Latin America.  Conversing with native speakers will help increase the students' oral production of Spanish and listening skills and their overall command of the language.


 Jen Collins-Lopez & Dena Wilson, Middle School

"Reaching All Readers"

Students will be supplied with a diverse collection of high-interest traditional books and graphic novels to help instill a love of reading and to entice students to read more.


Susan Folta, High School

"Communications Club"

An afterschool club encouraging students with disabilities to practice social communication skills with peer mentors while enjoying leisure activities together.  Past activities have included:  bowling, trips to the nature center, cooking, yoga and dances.  



Caleb Bihari, Elementary School

"VEX123 / VEX GO"

The VEX Robotics program offers an authentic way for students to learn key STEM concepts while also building 21st century skills. Through this program, students Pre-K+ will be able to build and manipulate robots and learn early coding skills.


Ryan Goubeaux, High School

"Drone Technology DJI Mini"

Students will be able to simulate types of flying required to complete most drone related jobs in our workforce today along with honing in on necessary soft skills including: communication, teamwork and problem solving.  Students will learn how to take high quality photos and videos, video editing, inspect structures for damage and more. Students will also now be able to work with the district and other organizations to compete drone related tasks such as athletic events, school events, BeeTV etc.


Kristen Niedermeyer, Elementary School

"Great Lakes Theater"

Thriving in Third Grade Through Theater"  Great Lakes Theater brings literature to life in the classroom through its Residency Program. Using an interactive, hands-on approach, a team of two specially trained actor-teachers will visit each classroom and provide scripts, props and costumes to turn students into an acting group, exploring classic literature from an actor's point of view.


Dawn Eberling, Elementary School

"Fostering Authentic Reading"

Provides a 5th grade Independent Reading Collection of 200 carefully collected textbooks.  This rich, well-organized collection will allow all students to read, enjoy and share a variety of texts.  Teachers will host mini book talks where students can encourage others to read particular selections they have personally enjoyed.


Andy Hansen, High School

"21st Century Sketchbooks"

Through the use of advanced technology, students will be able to continue a transformative experience of digital art making and design.  Students will be able to utilize 21st century art medium to create projects in all of the various art classes taught at the High School as well as by several of the High School clubs.


Steven Cocchiola & Jennifer O'Neal, Middle School & High School

"Orchestra ROCKS again!"  

A member of the Electrify Your Symphony will conduct a 2 day workshop and prepare orchestra students in grades 6-12 for a performance in October.  The concert will address new 21st century ideas offering an innovative and very motivational approach to live performances.


Corey Shingleton, Morgan Kolis, Brittany Hyde, Elementary & Middle School

"Hooves and Harmony:  Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Moderate to Intensive Special Education"

Students will be encouraged to use their social skills and communication skills to work with horses on ground lessons and will ride horses with adult assistance with the goal of increasing social, communication, social-emotional and behavioral skills.


Brittany Hyde, Dawn Corrigan, Heather Luckey, Middle School

"iPads and Apps for AAC Connection with Students"

Devices and applications, predominantly used within the Speech Classroom setting, will be used within different classrooms to meet the needs of students using, trying out, or working with AAC devices or assistive technology.


Colleen Toth, Elementary School

"Reading is Rewarding"

Preschool through 5th grade students will have the opportunity to earn tokens through the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports) program for modeling positive behaviors and being PAX leaders throughout the school.  These tokens can be used to select a book from a book vending machine with the goal of allowing reading to be rewarding vs providing rewards for reading.

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