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With the help of funds raised at the Sip & Support Our Scholars and through generous contributions by donors and supporters, the BBH Schools Foundation funds classroom enrichment grants to district teachers to foster creative, innovative teaching. Projects funded (in full or in part) in the 2019-2020 school year include:

Jenn Lloyd (BBHMS)

Book Madness Funding for a reading tournament that will encourage 8th grade students to read new books, communicate about them, and persuade others to read them.


Dena Wilson (BBHMS)

The Refugee Experience Funding for an interdisciplinary unit that engages 7th grade students in exploration of the refugee crisis across the curriculum and from different perspectives.


Mark Fields (BBHHS)

Art to Go – Cleveland Museum of Art Funding for an experience that flips the traditional field trip by bringing original art to students in the classroom for their exploration.


Christine Bartzis (BBHHS)

Spanish Dance Funding to provide the cultural learning experience of flamenco dancing to AP Spanish students who will perform at multicultural and music events.


Andrea Mahoney (BBHHS)

Yes to Yoga! Funding to provide curriculum materials and yoga sessions aimed at helping students to increase communication and coping skills and to reduce their anxiety


Kerry Ely, Denise Gawlik, Steve Cocchiola, Scott Hanna, and Janelle Henning (BBHMS)

Lighting Up the Future of the Middle School Auditorium Funding to support a portion of the MS auditorium renovation in order to improve student performance and viewing experiences.


Martin Kosovich and Andrew Numbers (BBHHS) - Bee TV Equipment Funding for upgrades to Bee TV that provide students with opportunity and flexibility to record and produce content at school events and to share information with the school and community.


Corinne Chilcott and Morgan Kolis (Highland Dr. ES)

Millennial Moves in the Makerspace Funding to expand Highland Drive Makerspace opportunities for students to engage in coding and digital fabrication.


Linda New, Julie Fields, Andrea Mahoney, and Jeff Sidaway (BBHHS)

Gardening and Healthy Eating – Funding for an interdisciplinary learning around and experience that integrates life skills, family and consumer science, art, math, etc. that centers around gardening and eating healthy food.


Gina Symsek (All Schools)

Mindfulness for AllFunding to provide yoga and meditation for students, faculty, and staff to decrease stress and increase mindfulness.


Jacqui Berchtold (Highland Dr. ES)

Exciting and Engaging Morning Tubs! Funding for a new way to start the school day with creative problem solving, interaction, and problem solving for 3rd grade students.


Gina Symsek (BBHMS & BBHHS)

Project Support & Communication Club Funding to provide healthy activities for students with disabilities that will encourage peer interaction.


Craig Kowatch and Ryan Goubeaux (BBHMS & BBHHS)

Middle School and High School Robotics Funding to upgrade robotics equipment and parts for new challenges and to improve the student experience.

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