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With the help of funds raised at the Sip & Support Our Scholars and through generous contribution by donors and supporters, the BBH Schools Foundation funds classroom enrichment grants to district teachers to foster creative, innovative teaching. Projects funded (in full or in part) in the 2018-2019 school year include:

Gina Symsek (All Schools) - School Strong (All Schools) - An on-site collaborative program will engage students, teachers, counselors and staff in a research-based social emotional learning (SEL) mental health program. 


Ryan Gobeaux, Craig Kowatch, and Ashley Rowland (High School) - 3D Scanning and Design - The 3D scanner will engage students in rapid prototyping and 3D design including engineering, robotics, CAD, and art (sculpture). The scanner will be available to all departments for interdisciplinary projects and learning. 


Ryan Goubeaus, Craig Kowatch, and Ashley Rowland (High School) - Fab Lab – The Fab Lab will inspire and facilitate student design development by providing access to technology (3D printers, laser engraver, scanners, etc.) and materials.  


Gina Symsek (Middle School/High School) - Communication &  Social Activities Club - Students with disabilities will participate in social and leisure activities with their peers in order to facilitate positive social interactions. This is a Karthan Grant funded project. 


Christy Gilley, Michael Battista, and Debby Dolovacky (Middle School) - CPM Cooperative Learning Groups Reward Program – The CPM program aims to deepen student understanding and retention of mathematical concepts through cooperative groups, problem-based learning, and mixed space integrated with rewards program.


Kim Taylor, Dawn Corrigan, and Ryan Logan (Middle School) Friendsgiving and Cinco de Mayo Time Fiesta – Special education students will participate in cross-curricular learning and social interactions with peers, family and staff through holiday-inspired events. This is a Karthan Grant funded project.


Dena Wilson (Middle School) - Loving Literature Circles – Students will select, read, analyze, and discuss books in literature circle groups and use persuasive presentations to "sell" their books to the class. 

Ryan MacRaild (Middle School) - Put the "T" in STEM – Students will code and program technological accessories such as gyroscopes and sensors in the Raspberry Pi lab to enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Jennifer Lloyd (Middle School) - From Literature to Comics – Even the most reluctant readers will be encouraged to showcase their reading skills and talents by creating graphic novels, comics, digital and multimodal texts.

Stephanie Knodel, Tonya Pagel, Beth Blaustein, Kelly Allar, and Katie Surlip (Hilton) - We CAN Create - Students will practice the C's of 21st century learning-- Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration-- through Makerspace activities (Creativity Can) and reading on creativity and perseverance.

Beth Adams (Highland) - I Document, You Document, We All Learn Together - A document camera will bring learning to life allowing all students (even those not in class) to see and experience lesson manipulatives.

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