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With the help of funds raised at the Beach Ball and through generous contribution by donors and supporters, the BBH Schools Foundation funds classroom enrichment grants to district teachers to foster creative, innovative teaching. Projects funded (in full or in part) in the 2017-2018 school year include:

The inter-school team of Cathy McKelvey (Chippewa), Todd Wasil (Highland), and  Beth Blaustein (Hilton) - "Research, Clean and Neat" - This project will make internet research safe and accessible for students. Building on a project started at Chippewa last year, the team will use PebbleGo databases with expanded content and reach, now to all K-3 students in the districts, to encourage independent research and learning.


Michelle Leizman - District STEM Leader - will implement "Scientists at Work" at all K-5 elementary schools (Chippewa, Central, Highland, and Hilton), an after-school club for gifted 3-5 grade students to explore hands-on science and problem-solving. Specialty microscopes, Scooterbot robots and MuddWatt soil kits will encourage scientific skills and exploration. This grant is supported by Mayor Hruby.


Gina Symsek – High School and Middle School – Social Communication – Funded by the Karthan family fund, this project will provide students with disabilities opportunities to practice social communication and leisure activities with their peers.


Steve Cocchiola – High School - Orchestra Rocks! Electrify your Strings – funding will provide support for an orchestra experience and concert with a professional musician to engage students and the community with creative, technology, and expression with electrified instruments. Concert will be on March 3, 2018.


Craig Kowatch and Ryan Goubeaux – High School – Laser Engraving – This project will introduce students across disciplines to the latest manufacturing technology, laser engraving, while engaging students in the engineering and design processes.


Tricia Astey – High School – Composer Commissioning Project – By commissioning a piece for concert winds, a local professional composer will involve students in the composition process, rehearsal and performance of the piece on May 3, 2018.


Joe Zenir – Middle School – Bringing a Classic Text to Life – This project will bring Great Lakes Theatre company to perform and discuss the classic text “Huckleberry Finn” with gifted language arts students


Jenn Lloyd – Middle School – Book Madness – A March madness and bracket approach will encourage students to read specific books and discuss them in a competitive, fun way

Kelly Kroesen, Michelle Leizman, Kyle Graver and Lisa Feldner – Middle School – Augmented Reality Sandbox – The development of an augmented reality sandbox at school will allow students to visualize and create topographic models in real-time.

Kim Taylor – Middle School – Discovery Boxes, Hands 2 Minds – hands-on science boxes help students with learning differences to explore science concepts within the resource room

Kim Taylor, Jeff Sidaway, Bridget Schohl, and Dawn Corrigan – Middle School – Fabulous Food Festivities – funded by the Karthan family fund, a feast and fiesta will engage students in language arts and math skills while encouraging social interaction with peers, family and school community

Morgan Kolis – Highland - "OZOBOTS for Kids - Pocket-Sized Bots, Infinite Possibilities"- Morgan's project will engage students visiting the STEAM room with coding mini robots using patterns of color to control their movements. In additional to learning about coding, the robots encourage teamwork and collaboration.

Laura Travers – Hilton - "Making Sense of Sensory Needs" - Her project will help inclusion Kindergarten students with sensory relief objects to encourage collaboration, communication and critical thinking. By practicing soothing and stimulating behaviors, students will be more engaged and focused on learning important fundamentals.

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