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With the help of funds raised at our fundraiser and through generous contributions by donors and supporters, the BBH Schools Foundation funds classroom enrichment grants to district teachers to foster creative, innovative teaching. Projects funded (in full or in part) in the 2023-2024 school year include:

Leah Barboza, High School, Spanish

Opportunities for Agency: Giving Students Voice and Choice in the Spanish Classroom

The goal for this grant is to increase literacy and vocabulary acquisition by establishing a classroom library full of a variety of diverse reading options for students at all levels.

Brady Bourquin, High School, Multi-disciplinary

Restoring Campus Beauty Through Classroom Connections

Students in the Environmental Science classes will be utilizing this project modeled on the success of a recent pilot program to overhaul the landscaping at the auditorium entrance to BBHHS while engaging students in multiple other classes, additional student volunteers, local businesses and community members.


Kiersten Franklin, Larissa Hoban and Kelly Kroesen, Middle School, Science

Reading Like a Scientist in 8th Grade

Through the implementation of Disciplinary Literacy (students reading, writing, thinking critically, speaking, and doing as an expert), students will learn science standards and concepts more deeply. Inquiry, modeling and reasoning, hypothesizing, defending claims, writing as would a scientist, and reading as would a scientist is how learning occurs in Middle School science.


Emily Garlock, High School, Music

Music Department Recording Studio

Music students grades 9-12 will utilize a new recording studio to record, mix, produce, and evaluate performances through the year, with room for growth and new future-ready tracks for digital media students.


Ryan Goubeaux and Craig Kowatch, High School, Tech Ed

Fast Multicolor 3-D Printing

Purchase of the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo 3D Printer to enhance the 3D capabilities of the BBHHS Fab Lab. Allows a large step forward in quality, speed, reliability and color options in printing, exposing the students to the industry standard technology they will experience in the years after graduation and improving the learning experience.


Andy Hansen, High School, Art

21st Centrury Sketchbooks

Furthering the purchase of state-of-the-art iPad Pros, allowing students to use a 21st century tool for art making, a tool that is not commonly seen in Visual Art classrooms. This exposes students to industry standard for art and design colleges and careers.


Brittany Hyde, Elementary and Middle School, Special Education

Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Students with Special Needs

The goal of this project is to encourage and increase social, communication, social-emotional and behavioral skills in students with moderate to intensive special needs. Interactions with animals, multi-sensory approaches to experiencing the world around them, and the ability to get out into the community benefit all, but especially those with special needs that may need to experience situations such as sports, hobbies, making friends and other engaging situations.


Morgan Kolis, Elementary and Middle School, Special Education

Beyond Words: Music Therapy for Special Education

Providing music therapy intervention to our students enhances their mastery of skills in a variety of Ohio’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards, Ohio’s Learning Standards- Extended, 21st Century Skills, and in the skills and traits mentioned in the BBH Portrait of a Graduate. While students with moderate to intensive needs require significant modifications to the curriculum, providing weekly music therapy sessions helps educators ensure that students’ needs are being met in the areas of speech and language, listening, communication, and social and emotional learning.


Jessica Leavitt, Denise Piechowiak and Natalie Saintz, Middle School, ELA

Building Lifelong Readers

The Goal of this challenge is to encourage students to read a variety of books from a variety of genres, incorporating reading responses and reflection strategies, increasing motivation and excitement around reading, and fostering a love of lifelong reading.


Jennifer Lloyd, Middle School, ELA

First Chapter Friday

Through first chapter Friday, a student's eyes are open to a world of books they didn't even know existed- just seeing a book on a shelf is not enough- they need a taste of the book. First Chapter Friday will expose students to new genres, authors, and books; help students explore their likes and dislikes in literature; build relationships with other students; and gain a common prior knowledge to encourage discussion within the classroom.


Shelley Loar, Middle School, Math

Model and Inquiry; Visible Learning in Mathematics

Inquiry is a part of the discipline literacy model in which students participate in active learning. We hope to create a classroom where students solve challenging problems and ask questions to think about the “what’s” and the “whys.” Students will engage in inquiry-based lessons where they will solve challenging problems, ask questions, and become strategic thinkers. We will facilitate conversations for our students to find connections between different representations and generalizations. We want students to know that the process of math is far greater than the answer.


Denise Piechowiak, Jessica Leavitt and Natalie Saintz, Middle School, ELA

Young Authors and Illustrators

Adding the opportunity to publish student writing and become an illustrator provides unlimited opportunity and promise. The overarching goal for this project is to have students grow their voice as a writer increasing their desire to write and/or illustrate and authentically share their work. Authentic sharing is publishing their works in print and digitally for others to read.


Natalie Saintz, Middle School, ELA

DL Classroom Libraries

This project will help support disciplinary literacy in all disciplines by creating or adding to a classroom library with discipline specific texts that support the curriculum as students read, write, think, speak, and do as an expert in that discipline.


Corey Shingleton, Elementary School, Special Education

Community Communication

This project will install specific communication boards on the BBH Elementary School playground, and near the track at the MS/HS to encourage students with complex communication challenges and needs to be more active members of their community and express themselves more actively.

Kristina Sutton, Elementary School, ELA

Strengthening Readers Through iPick Books

This project provides students with an opportunity to choose high quality books to read and discuss with their classmates for their entire fifth grade school year. The new and original books they select will facilitate interdisciplinary learning in that they will allow the students to think critically about text, which will translate into all other academic areas. As students are immersed in these texts, they will have opportunities to have discussions with other students who have read the same books.

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